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Recruitment: We understand that the right people play a crucial role in transforming your business and that appointments requiring certain skill-sets are particularly hard to fill. From years of executive search experience, we can help you to source engaging people, with high potential to take up future roles and develop your talent pool. How are you engaging with dynamic executives for your talent pool? Employment matters: We work closely with businesses providing advice on simple HR issues to ensure compliance with legislation and streamlined HR procedures. We can support you with the provision of employment contracts, company handbooks, disciplining individuals, dealing with grievances, dismissal and redundancy. What are your rights and obligations as an employer? HR consultancy: Most businesses will have HR needs that recur on a rolling-basis. Having a retained consultant on hand to deal with these issues as they arise means they will be resolved faster and with minimal impact on your business. Our support service includes on-site visits and is also available on short contracts and interim assignments. Learning and talent development: We work with businesses to plan and deliver short courses on improving performance in areas such as strategy, succession planning, recruitment, performance management, learning and development, pay and reward, retention, discipline, dismissal and redundancy. How do you monitor the success of your training and talent development? Health and well-being Everybody has mental health, and the high cost of absenteeism is now a major consideration for people to be effective and productive. We deliver training to raise awareness to make the difference between individuals going off sick or making a recovery. What measures of occupational health are you using to assess your organisation’s performance? Community projects: Time for Change, do something positive today. There is a growing movement of people facing up to the challenges of poverty, inequality, homelessness... you too can play an important part. We plan and deliver a unique team-building experience that will help you see what's possible, with the UN Sustainability Goals. How important is CSR to your company?

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