About Us

Professional Liverpool, representing the Professional and Business Services Sector (PBS) and wider business community, is an exciting organisation with a clear objective – to be the leading LCR membership organisation promoting, supporting and representing the interests of the PBS Sector in the LCR. The sector is one of the strongest in the UK and a cornerstone of the LCR economy supporting an estimated 107,000 jobs in 12,000 companies and generating more than £8billion per annum in gross value added (GVA).

The organisation facilitates the development of business and personal relationships among its members and enables access to support services to achieve improved business performance in the city.

Liverpool is brimming with qualified professionals, from accountants, stockbrokers and solicitors to architects, media and digital professionals and surveyors, all of whom contribute to the thriving economy. Professional Liverpool represents all of these skill sets and sectors and creates business networks for them to interact with on every level.

Our aims are to:

  • promote excellent, market-leading professional and related services to support the LCR’s economic strategy in a fast-changing, globally-connected business environment;
  • advance the interests of professional services and related businesses in the LCR through representation with local and regional leadership;
  • enhance knowledge and collaboration through the sharing of best practice and market intelligence;
  • encourage involvement in the wider community and the development of skills and training for the future; and
  • facilitate working relationships within and outside the PBS sector.

The Board is made up of a team of professionals from Liverpool’s thriving business community, movers and shakers with the experience and foresight to guide its members in the appropriate direction for their business. Find out more about the team here.

For more information, download and take a look at our membership brochure.

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