Public Sector food goes green, Carbon Happy Cook App now available to UK Public Sector Caterers

Carbon Happy World, a leading provider of carbon footprint measurement and reduction solutions, is thrilled to announce its acceptance into the prestigious TUCO (The University Caterers Organisation) tendering framework for carbon footprint labelling on food and drink menus. TUCO is one of the members of the UKUPC (UK University Purchasing Consortium) and they supply the public sector with procurement leadership and management within catering. This framework serves as a trusted resource for UK public sector organisations seeking sustainable food procurement solutions.

Through its innovative Carbon Happy Cook app, Carbon Happy World empowers restaurants, cafeterias and food businesses to accurately calculate and display the carbon footprint of their menu ingredients and recipes. This vital information allows consumers to make informed choices while fostering greater transparency and accountability within the food industry.

Gary Adlen, CEO of Carbon Happy World says, “We are incredibly proud to join the TUCO framework and contribute to sustainable food procurement across the UK public sector. By providing accessible and user-friendly carbon footprint labelling solutions, we aim to empower informed decision-making and accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable food system as the food industry globally accounts for 26% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.”

Benefits of Carbon Happy Cook for Public Sector Organisations:

Enhanced Transparency: Enables clear communication of menu items’ carbon impact, promoting informed consumer choices and responsible consumption.

Sustainable Procurement: Supports informed purchasing decisions aligned with sustainability goals and carbon reduction targets.

Compliance: Aligns with growing regulatory requirements for carbon footprint disclosure in the food sector.

Positive Impact: Contributes to broader sustainability efforts by reducing the carbon footprint of public sector food procurement.

By adopting the Carbon Happy Cook app through the TUCO framework, public sector organisations can demonstrate their commitment to environmental responsibility while empowering consumers to make sustainable choices. This acceptance marks a significant milestone for Carbon Happy World, highlighting its growing impact in transforming the food industry towards a more sustainable and healthy future.

About Carbon Happy World – Sustainability made simple.

Carbon Happy World is a Liverpool based provider of carbon footprint measurement and reduction solutions, empowering businesses and individuals to understand and minimise their environmental impact. Through its innovative technology and expert guidance, Carbon Happy World helps organisations across various sectors achieve their sustainability goals and contribute to a healthier planet.