Black Girls Brunch

Black Girls Brunch

BLACK GIRLS BRUNCH is an empowering event dedicated to showcase the diverse talents of Black women in Liverpool. The event serves as a platform for Black women to celebrate their
achievements, connect with an audience and foster a supportive community. The event is inclusive and welcomes everyone and encouraging the all Black Female Line up.

Key Details

● Event: Black Girls Brunch
● Location: Sefton Park Palm House
● Date: August 3rd 2024
● Company: 0483 Limited


1. Showcase Talent: Highlight the artistic, entrepreneurial, and professional achievements of Black women in Liverpool.
2. Networking Opportunities: Provide a space for Black women to shine, connect, share experiences, and build professional and personal networks with a supportive community. This is
an an inclusive event welcomed to all.
3. Community Building: Foster a supportive and inclusive community that encourages collaboration and mutual support.
4. Empowerment: Inspire and empower attendees through keynote speakers, workshops, and panel discussions

Event Features

● Performances: Live music from Black Female Performers, spoken word, and dance performances by talented Black female artists.
● Guest Speakers: Influential Black women from various fields, including Arts, Media, Music, Dance, Business, and activism.
● Workshops: Skill-building sessions on topics such as entrepreneurship, personal branding, and
mental health.
● Exhibitions: Displays of visual art, Screenings created by Black women.
● Networking Sessions: Structured and informal opportunities for attendees to meet, exchange ideas, and form lasting connections.
● Panel Discussions: Conversations with thought leaders addressing issues relevant to the Black
community, such as social justice, representation, and career advancement.


● Visibility: Increases the visibility of Black female talent in Liverpool, highlighting their contributions and successes.
● Support: Provides resources and support for Black women to advance in their careers and personal lives.
● Inspiration: Encourages young and older Black women to pursue their passions and recognise their potential.

Contact Information
Event Organisers 0483 LTD
Social Media: @Blackgirlsbrunch_lvp