An exciting partnership with Travel Foundation drives the focus of sustainability

As the UK’s largest and fastest-growing technology platform for travel entrepreneurs, it is important to us to not only show we care about sustainability but that we also take action. Therefore, we are thrilled to be partnering with the sustainable tourism charity, the Travel Foundation, to further drive our company’s sustainability focus.

This partnership will see us and the leading sustainable tourism charity join forces to put climate issues on the map for both Travel Counsellors and our customers, and will play a key part in our sustainability strategy, championing the theme that both corporate and leisure travel can further strive to protect the planet.

About the Travel Foundation

Travel Foundation is a leading international sustainable tourism organisation dedicated to ensuring that tourism provides the greatest possible benefit to every destination around the world, so that their communities and environments can thrive. The team focuses on empowering local communities in tourism, promoting fair livelihoods and reducing environmental impact. They support destinations in adapting to climate change and reducing their reliance on polluting energy.

Our next steps

We’ll initially work together on a “Climate Action Plan”, focused on reducing carbon emissions for Travel Counsellors and their customers, powering positive change in tourism practices.

Joe Whittle, our Sustainability and Impact Lead, said: “We are a business that puts people first, and that includes how we support our business owners, their customers and clients, and the people in the wider communities we work in and travel to. We believe that it’s our duty to make sure this is done in a responsible way, and our partnership with the Travel Foundation firmly puts our focus on showing care for people, and our planet, at the heart of everything we do.”

The partnership, which was launched at our annual conference last month, follows a clear indication that Travel Counsellors and their customers are concerned about the environmental impact of their travel arrangements. In fact, a recent survey that we carried out revealed that 41% of respondents said they are willing to spend more on a sustainable holiday, and 56% agree they want travel companies to offer more sustainable options.

The Head of Strategic Partnerships at Travel Foundation, Graeme Jackson, said: “Forward-thinking travel businesses have a real opportunity to shape the future and impact of tourism.

“To kick off the partnership, we will support Travel Counsellors to apply a ‘climate lens’ to its business and to develop a climate action plan that is both strategic and impactful. The climate emergency is the biggest challenge facing society and it is rewriting the rules of tourism at a global level. We commend Travel Counsellors for its commitment to act and look forward to supporting its climate action journey.”

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