Two Minutes With... Debbie King

Date posted:
Mon 19 February 2024

This week on Two Minutes With... we will be getting to know Debbie King from Building Careers UK Ltd

Name: Debbie King

Company: Building Careers UK Ltd

Position: Business Director

What do you actually do day-to-day? I like to put the world to rights! With conversations and more conversations…

Have you ever had a mentor? If so, who? No… but watch this space as I am about to get one!… Can I say the husband: he’s actually kept me sane and focussed over the years - big compliment there!!

Does money motivate you? Yes - to be able to do things and spoil my family but enjoying what you do is so important as well…

What has been the most important event in your working life? Meeting my work wife Mrs Tamsin Marlowe over 20 years ago!!... not been apart since and we can definitely argue like a married couple!!

Who do you most admire? People who can say “no” and people who are comfortable with public speaking!

What does leadership mean to you? Direction, consistency, being brave, unconsciously following …

What’s your favourite TV programme? 24, back in the day!

How do you relax? Walking my 2 Poodles and popping into the pub!!

Fry up or healthy smoothie? Fry up

Pub or club? Pub

Gym or countryside walk? Countryside walk

Favourite piece of music? Big ballads by Aerosmith “Amazing” or “Blind Man” or Killers “When You Were Young”

Flannels or Florence & Fred? Florence & Fred

Birkdale or Birkenhead? I like them both but Birkdale - saves me going over the water!!