LJMU Graduate Futures: Business Support Packages

Date posted:
Mon 22 November 2021

Are you a Small to Medium-Sized Enterprise located in the Liverpool City Region looking to scale-up or expand your business?

LJMU Graduate Futures is a £2.4m project, funded through the European Social Fund, designed to talent match businesses with student and graduate talent.

The funded programme provides one-to-one business support and consultancy that is tailored towards your individual business need.

They will support you through a bespoke programme of coaching and mentoring and introduce you to the benefits of recruiting higher-level skills. They will also work alongside you to harness this knowledge as you journey towards growth.

They will manage the recruitment process bringing an additional cost-saving to your business.

With 250 degrees across a range of subject areas, LJMU's students and graduates deliver currency of knowledge and academic insight whilst injecting fresh ideas.

The support package provides 3 options so you can find the best fit for you:

-140 hour fully funded internships allowing you to focus on a specific project or product development, generating ideas without the expense

-12 month sandwich placements with a 50% contribution to salary costs which gives our students the opportunity to grow with you and inject some fresh thinking before returning to complete their studies

-12 month graduate placements with 50% contribution to salary costs bringing flexibility in when you’re ready to introduce them into your business*

*all of our graduates will have completed their studies in 2020 ensuring their currency if knowledge is relevant to the current economy

Contact them now, to discuss how they can support you, at graduatefutures@ljmu.ac.uk or click here.