Member: Irish Business Enterprise

The benefits to you, the Members, consist of:

  • Access to each other through a closed membership.
  • Business promotions to the right audience.
  • Regular Business events some with special invitation only.
  • Member to member offers.
  • Together you build Business Relationships for the benefit of all.

We’re going places – places with an Irish connection

Today Liverpool. Tomorrow Dublin and Belfast. The day after – the world! At least, the Irish World.

At IBE we’re nothing if not ambitious. In fact, we’re an organisation that’s going places. It’s our goal to establish a presence throughout the Irish world – Ireland, Liverpool and beyond.

Important places with connections to Ireland and the Irish people. Places where you can do business.

It’s our goal for you to achieve your goals

It’s the paradox of our times. The technology now exists to allow us to do more than ever before, much faster than before. We can have face-to-face meetings with clients in Hong Kong, and email documents to Sydney or New York in less than the blink of an eye.

Yet it hasn’t freed us. Far from it, most of us work longer hours than ever before. In other words, we’re time-poor, despite all our devices and apps. In the networking sector, we notice it more than anybody. We come across business owners every day who tell us they’d love to attend various events, but simply can’t commit the time.

Well, joining IBE is the perfect answer. With IBE you can drastically cut down the time you’d spend on real live networking. Our events are often invitation only, so you’ll be meeting a hand-picked selection of like-minded people. It’s our business to match our members to genuine opportunities. Once you’re introduced, you’ll have the opportunity to talk to other members in an appropriate setting.

Then, once you’ve established the initial connections, you can continue to build the relationship online and do business knowing exactly who and what you’re dealing with. IBE is the ideal complement to your ongoing routine.

After all, it’s our goal for you to realise your goals.

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Primary Agnes Fitzgerald