Member: Bank of England

The main role of the Bank of England Agency is to assess and report monthly to the Monetary Policy Committee and Financial Policy Committee on economic and financial conditions as seen from the North West.

This is achieved by visiting a broad base of business contacts, both large and small, and across all the major sectors, to discuss current economic developments and the impact these may have on their businesses. The Bank's Agents, John Young and Brian Sloan, spend a significant part of their time in Liverpool. They also give regular briefings in Liverpool on the Bank's quarterly Inflation Report forecast and the twice-yearly Financial |Stability Report. For details of these please contact our office.

Liverpool has a long history of providing professional and financial services and has built up a strong skill base in a number of areas over that period. In the fiercely competitive environment of the 21st century it is important that Liverpool promotes this excellence in a co-ordinated way both within and outside the region. We believe that Professional Liverpool is an organisation well-suited to undertake such a role.

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