PL Education: Fundamental Human Needs and The Workplace - Herman Miller

Date & Time:
25 Feb 2021 @ 11:00am - 12:00pm

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Mark Catchlove will deliver 'Fundamental Human Needs and The Workplace ' to our members.

About this Event

Mark Catchlove will deliver 'Fundamental Human Needs and The Workplace' to our members.

In this session we share Herman Miller’s point of view and ongoing discoveries about Human Dynamics + Work – all grounded in research and first-hand experiences.

We explore our fundamental human needs – purpose, belonging, achievement, autonomy, status, and security – and ask ourselves how are these defined? What is their priority?

What are their implications for management methods, technology and tools, and places?

About Mark Catchlove

Mark leads Herman Millers Insight Group which is responsible for sharing the latest thinking in workplace design and related issues.

He has been at Herman Miller for over 20 years and over that time has become a respected contributor to the workplace community

He has delivered more than 600 seminars around the world. Mark has also run in-house workshops and seminars for a variety of leading organisations – both large and small.

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