Asentiv: Let's talk the business of: Business Finance

Date & Time:
02 Jul 2020 @ 6:30pm - 7:30pm

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Leading a business from the front can be the most amazing thing. Being responsible for a living breathing entity that makes a real difference for its clients and people as well as you can also be hard!

We recognise this at Asentiv so we have organised a series of “Lets Talk The Business Of…..” events. In these hour long discussion events we will focus on a key element of a successful business.

Each event will comprise of a panel of industry experts on a particular sector of business. They will share their knowledge and provide you the viewer with some awesome content and tips to implement in your business. We will also look to get know them a bit better and to find out what makes them tick.

Our first July event is “Lets Talk the Business Of ….Business Finance”. Business finance can be a minefield for the business owner. Cash flow, profit and loss, wages, pensions, budgets, HMRC and how to raise business funding are all in the mix for business owners to think about.

Our industry experts this week are;

Paul Trickett from Bathgate Finance, Mark Rea from FM Consult, Andrew Oakes from BWM and Alan Woods from Woods Squared and we are delighted and excited to have them!

Join us on Thursday 2nd July at 6.30pm with a glass of your favourite early evening drink for an evening of some great conversation and fun, yes business can be fun and informative!

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