Mersey Tunnel Tour

Date & Time:
06 Sep 2019 @ 2:00pm - 5:00pm

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Join us on 6 September: Merseytravel will be taking us on a unique behind the scenes look at the famous Queensway Mersey Tunnel which opened in 1934.

As well as learning about the construction of the tunnel, you will visit the original control room, see giant ventilation fans in action and go down to watch the traffic in the tunnel, deep below the city streets. You will be able to find out why the tunnels are so unique and also that they have featured in several Hollywood movies!

To find out more about this unique experience you can visit the Tunnel Tours website or watch this video about the 80th Anniversary celebrations for the tunnel.

Please note that there is no wheelchair access on the tour route. The route entails around 400 stairs in an industrial building, it is unsuitable for anyone with mobility, breathing or sight difficulties due to the environments we go through.

This event really is great fun. We had a ball last year, and lots of people come back for more. Tickets are limited so get yours while you can!

After the tour we will be moving on to Rudy's, the ticket price includes 2 drinks and nibbles.