Why you need a managed travel partner

You know the time and cost savings you can make with a managed travel partner, but have you ever looked beyond the bottom line and considered some of the wider benefits of using a Travel Management Company?

If not, here are four little known ways travel counsellors can make your life easier.

Can you locate and support your travelling employees 24/7, in case of an emergency?


That’s great to know. Making sure your travellers are supported is crucial to a good travel programme and you’re already ensuring their safety and welfare. A recent Bloomberg2 survey revealed that 80% of SMEs are back to pre-pandemic levels of travel. With this rising demand and an increased focus on Duty of Care, being able to locate travellers quickly and easily is essential. Having that support on hand is invaluable, but hard to provide in-house. If you require extra support now travel is increasing, a managed travel partner is a great place to start.


Knowing where your business travellers are is crucial for both duty of care and risk mitigation. One of the biggest advantages of working with a travel management company is access to round the clock support and the tools to know where your travellers are, what potential risks they are facing and to assist them when needed. We have in-house teams dedicated to ensuring a safe and secure experience for your travellers, meaning peace of mind for them and you.

Can you accurately report on your travel spend?


Not all reporting packages are created equal, so having one which gives a comprehensive overview of your travel and spend is a good start. With travel spend expected to return to 75% of 2019 levels, knowing how to use the reports to budget and plan over the next year could prove essential. And did you know that in addition to tracking spend, you can also track CO2 emissions, helping your ESG policy too?


Being able to track your travel spend and report on activity can help drive cost reductions, as well as enable you to actively budget and plan for upcoming travel spend. We offer this service to all Travel Counsellors clients, allowing you to spot trends like last-minute bookings and identify areas of saving.

Are your employees booking the most cost competitive deals?


Cheap deals are in abundance online, with new sites and apps popping up daily. However, what may look competitive, isn’t always the case. Many fares are reserved for travel professionals, meaning the really good deals are just out of reach.


Don’t worry. We’re not surprised, but we can help. Our access to specialist fares, combined with our global buying power means that we can access rates and deals that are simply not accessible through consumer channels.

Do you have quick access to up-to-date, in region Covid restrictions?


Providing accurate, up-to-date information quickly and easily, for your travellers to access, is no easy feat. Despite restrictions relaxing, there are still regulations and procedures that now need to be navigated. Ensuring you have the right information will save time and money in the long run.


Providing this level of detailed information is tough, especially when restrictions change. Travellers can spend hours reading seemingly conflicting sources, ending up none the wiser at the end of it all! Tapping into the knowledge and experience of a travel professional not only minimises the time your employees are spending but gives both you and them peace of mind that they will be fully compliant.

David Ashworth, is a business travel manager with Travel Counsellors who understands organising, tracking and co-ordinating with your team must be a headache through his 36 years in the travel industry.

If you’re planning any international travel, consulting with an expert like David, that manages other companies’ business travel needs along with a personalised travel service will help raise your company’s productivity

Travel Counsellors for Business are a Top 15 Travel Management company founded in 1994 in excess of £200m annual turnover, offering total travel solutions for all of your business travel needs. Over 1800 companies are currently trading with Travel Counsellors in the United Kingdom from small businesses employing a handful of people to major international corporates.

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