Updated Homeless Figures – Shelter

This week’s official government stats broke MULTIPLE homeless records. It’s clear England is experiencing a housing emergency. Children are growing up in cramped and unsafe temporary accommodation, and people are being pushed into homelessness by insecure and overpriced housing every single day.

In the North West, the number of homeless households in temporary accommodation has risen from 7,230 to 7,740, a 7% increase, and homeless children has risen from 8,700 to 9,170, an increase of 5%.

Nearly 15,000 households in Liverpool are on the social housing waiting list. But there are 5,351 long-term empty homes around the city.

Just imagine the impact if some of these were converted into social homes. It won’t solve the housing emergency, but it’s a good place to start.

Ahead of this year’s general election we’re asking people to join our campaign and demand that politicians commit to ending the housing emergency once and for all. Join the campaign today HERE.