Two minutes with… Kate Roberts

Name: Kate Roberts

Company: DTM Legal

Position: Partner and Head of Liverpool

What do you actually do day-to-day? It really can differ day to day which is one of the reasons I enjoy what I do. My role takes me from advising clients during difficult times when disputes arise or in insolvency situations to growing the DTM brand across the LCR and managing the ever-expanding DTM team.

Have you ever had a mentor? If so, who? Not specifically – but Asma Iqbal, the partner I worked with in Yorkshire was, and still is, phenomenal. She taught me how to step out of my comfort zone and how to tackle issues head on. I still look back at my time working alongside her very fondly.

Does money motivate you? Money doesn’t per se, but the ability to go on holidays with family and friends and spend quality time making memories with them does.

What has been the most important event in your working life? Being made a Partner three months after becoming a single mum of two boys who were then 1 and 3 was a pivotal point in my career. It gave me the encouragement and confidence that I needed to keep going to provide a secure future for my children. It has also shaped me into the manager I am today and shown me how the right support can shape an individual’s career positively

Who do you most admire? That’s a really difficult question as I admire many people for very different reasons. However, forced to choose I would say my Dad. At 82 he is still the backbone of our family and plays a hugely active role in all of his grandchildren’s lives – from maths tutor to chauffeur to football supporter. He’s epic and I hope at his age I am even half as active as he still is.

What does leadership mean to you? Leadership is someone who can listen and adapt and is able to lead by example.

What’s your favourite TV programme? I don’t watch a huge amount of TV but recently I binged watched The Durrells on Netflix and I loved watching Superstore during lockdown too.

How do you relax? I read to relax – it is my escapism, anything by James Patterson is always a winner.  

Fry up or healthy smoothie? Fry up (but poached egg)

Pub or club? Pub

Gym or countryside walk? Countryside Walk

Favourite piece of music? No one piece – but I love musical theatre, which most people are subjected to if in the car with me.

Flannels or Florence & Fred? Florence and Fred – I love a bargain!

Birkdale or Birkenhead? Birkdale – fabulous independent wine bars and eateries!