The Liverpool Business School Leadership Summer School June 2024

Join LJMU for the 3rd annual LBS leadership summer school in June.

These free workshops are designed to support you at any stage of your career and add value to the growth and development of an organisation you work for.

From an employer’s perspective the summer school is an opportunity to offer free taster training sessions to your employees, this can identify those willing to engage with learning and development as well as potential talent, future leaders and further opportunities for formal accredited courses such as degree apprenticeships.

When you join us we will support you in discovering and developing your own leadership approach, communication and working with others.

  • Are you looking for sustainable and digital insights to support you or your company’s progress?
  • Would you like to gain the skills and knowledge to support, communicate, and lead change and growth in your organisation?
  • Could you develop the confidence and ability to join and lead a company during a growth or change phase?

We’ve created an innovative programme to equip you and the next generation of employees and business owners to lead sustainably and contributes to the skills and career development of people living and working in the LCR.

All workshops are free to attend, and you don’t have to attend all sessions – please book the ones that will be helpful to you.

Sessions start at 9.45 and finish at 2.15 and include a light ‘working’ lunch and cover a variety of topics

  • Communication skills
  • Digital skills
  • HR and teams
  • Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Sustainability

Click HERE to book.