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Merseyside Woman Of The Year
Address: 48 Burlingham Avenue, West Kirby, Wirral, CH48 8AR


The story of Merseyside Women of the Year (MWOTY) is one of three women who came together to help other women, using their passion and professional skills to enable women to be the best they can be, every day. Ellie Kerr is now the sole Founding Director, taking forward the legacy of MWOTY after being its first winner in 2003. Back when Ellie won it was run by two gentlemen, but after seven years they decided they could no longer keep the awards going. The curtain was set to fall on the well-loved annual awards. Ellie, Jean Gadsby and Elaine Owen recognised the value and importance of the event and could not bear to see it disappear, so they stepped in to take the reins. Each bringing their own individual network, skills and qualities to the event, over the years they created an event run by women, for women. Elaine and Jean have moved on now but the passion, talents and empathy, combined with determination to make a difference for others, has helped the event grow and eventually it took on a life of its own. MWOTY has gained a reputation for social impact and value and its foundation is a total desire to ensure that women who would not ordinarily be in the spotlight were found, seen and heard on the MWOTY platform. MWOTY is now indisputably the place to be in June. It is the event that champions change, supports women and demands the recognition of their work and achievements within the Liverpool City region.


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