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Bank of England
Address: 13th Floor, City Tower, Piccadilly Plaza, Manchester M1 4BT
Phone: 01925 813703


We are the UK’s central bank

One of our main jobs is to make sure you can pay for things easily and securely in the UK. So we produce banknotes (cash) and oversee many of the other payment systems you use (eg with a debit or credit card).

We also work to keep the cost of living stable so your money keeps its purchasing power. One way we do this is by changing the main interest rate in the UK.

And we regulate UK banks and other financial firms so you know they are safe and sound. 

Our job

We provide ways to pay for things safely

We produce £5, £10, £20 and £50 banknotes you can trust. They have security features that make them difficult to counterfeit (fake). 

We supervise payment services (eg VISA), which help you pay for things easily and safely. We also run the core services that enable people, businesses and banks to make large transfers (eg CHAPS), and the banks to settle balances among themselves. 

We work to keep price rises low and stable

We guard the value of your money by keeping prices stable. The measure of how much prices go up over time is called inflation. 

We make sure banks are run well

Our Prudential Regulation Authority regulates and supervises all the major banks, building societies, credit unions, insurers and investment firms in the UK.

We work to keep the whole UK financial system stable

People need a stable financial system and it’s our job to make sure the UK has one. 

A financial system connects people who want to save, invest or borrow money. It's a vital part of our economy. 

We keep the UK’s financial system stable by keeping a close watch on any risks and taking action, if we need to. 

For example, we can lend to banks if they need it to ensure they can continue to lend to businesses and support the economy. And we make sure that a failing bank doesn’t cause problems for the depositors, UK taxpayers or the wider economy.


Alison Stuart