Liverpool City Region to Host 5th Sustainability Awareness Week

Global Goals Week: Liverpool 2024, a major awareness and action event focused on accelerating local and global progress towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), will be held across Liverpool City Region, focusing on the week between 22 September to 27 September.

The week-long event will bring together leaders, policymakers, businesses, community organisations, and youth groups from around the region and the world, to share best practices, showcase innovative solutions, and forge new partnerships to make the world a better place for all, everywhere.

The week organised by the world’s first UN-recognised Local2030 Hub, called 2030hub and based in Liverpool City Centre, will feature a variety of organisations, groups, launches, interactive events, workshops, networking opportunities, and online content all designed to inspire and empower participants to take action to leave nobody behind and also tackle climate change.

“We are thrilled, and a little scared after the success of 2023, to host Global Goals Week: Liverpool 2024. Year five will be even bigger than ever!” said David Connor. “This event is a unique opportunity for Liverpool City Region to come together, accelerate sustainability and also highlight what Liverpool can do for the world!” he adds.

“Global Goals crucially demand local actions. The UN is helping the SDGs refocus more away from countries and Prime Ministers, to what we can ALL do at a city and town level, every day. Hopefully Global Goals Week: Liverpool can become more of a Eurovision scale success for sustainability playing to the local creative, entrepreneurial and passionate strengths here!” says 2030hub Co-Founder Stephen Sykes.

Global Goals Week is a universal call to action beyond any 2030hub events, as a platform for all local stakeholders to convene around key themes and support each other’s own events, activities and content. By working together Liverpool can lead the way, as already demonstrated with last year’s GGWL2023 event and success in winning the ‘Most Improved Sustainable Destination’ award by the Global Destination Sustainability Index.

This year 2030hub will be connecting Liverpool to the world by designing a locally relevant programme based on five key themes being announced at the UN General Assembly at UN HQ in New York at the same time. The announcement of this ‘Pact of the Future’ aims to enhance cooperation on global challenges by focusing on:

1. Sustainable development and financing for development

2. International Peace and Security 

3. Science, technology and innovation and digital cooperation 

4. Youth and Future Generations 

5. Transforming global governance

2030hub will be hosting and curating core events around sustainable finance, youth, culture, and science / technology, in addition to a concurrent Liverpool Climate Week theme, to stimulate the local debate whilst also asking, and supporting all Liverpool City Region stakeholders to share their successes, engage with their communities and amplify each other across sectors, themes and geographies.

Key speakers, events, partners and sponsors will be announced very soon.