Fresh Start Waste Services’ decarbonise by 22% with recycled bin containers for Bruntwood and Bruntwood SciTech

In an ambitious move towards sustainability, Fresh Start Waste Services is making strides to decarbonise the North West by introducing recycled bin containers, supplied by ESE World Limited. This initiative is a part of the organisation’s ongoing efforts to reduce carbon emissions and promote environmentally responsible waste management practices.

Carbon savings and environmental impact

Following the successful appointment of Fresh Start Waste Services by Bruntwood and Bruntwood SciTech, the carbon conscious waste management company embarked on a trial to deploy 800 recycled bin containers at Bruntwood sites across the North West, with the potential for further expansion as time goes on.

The environmental impact of this initiative is significant when comparing the carbon footprint of bins made from virgin materials to those made from recycled materials. Specifically, bins made from 100% virgin materials generate approximately 140.37 kg of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) per bin manufactured and delivered. In contrast, the recycled containers, made with 80% recycled materials, produce only 108.83 kg of CO2e per bin manufactured and delivered. This results in a substantial saving of 31.54 kg of CO2e per bin, translating to a 22.5% reduction in carbon emissions.

Broad implementation and future plans

This trial, initially set for a specific client, is already proving its potential across various cities including Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Bolton, and Altrincham. The widespread use of these bins aims to segregate waste streams efficiently for recycling at Fresh Start’s state-of-the-art materials recovery facility, ensuring that waste is managed in the most sustainable way possible.

Ben Entwistle, Head of Operations at Fresh Start Waste Services, emphasises the importance of this initiative: “Reducing our carbon impact through every element of our operations is central to our ethos at Fresh Start. The introduction of recycled bins is a natural extension of our commitment to sustainability and reducing our environmental footprint.”

Partnership with ESE World Limited

A critical factor in the success of this initiative has been the partnership with ESE World Limited, the manufacturers and suppliers of the recycled bins, and Europe’s leading manufacturer of sustainable and intelligent waste management solutions. This collaboration ensures that the bins not only meet high environmental standards but are also durable and functional for practical use in urban waste management.

“We are thrilled to partner with ESE World Limited,” says Ben Entwistle. “The team’s expertise and commitment to quality has been instrumental in bringing this project to life. Together, we are making significant strides towards a more sustainable future.”

Peter Vernon, Managing Director for ESE World Limited added: “We are thrilled to collaborate with Fresh Waste in their innovative project to deploy 800 recycled containers across Bruntwood and Bruntwood SciTech sites. This initiative reflects the growing interest in sustainable waste solutions and marks a notable step towards a circular economy. We look forward to our continued collaboration. “

Moving Towards Mainstream Adoption

The current trial is just the beginning. Fresh Start Waste Services has plans to make the use of recycled bins a mainstream practice if the trial proves successful. This will involve scaling up production and deployment across more areas, further reducing the overall carbon footprint associated with waste management operations.


Fresh Start Waste Services’ initiative to introduce recycled bin containers is a commendable step towards decarbonising Manchester, Liverpool and other North West towns. By significantly cutting down the carbon emissions per bin and promoting recycling, the company is setting a benchmark for sustainable waste management. The collaboration with ESE World Limited exemplifies how partnerships can drive meaningful environmental change.

As this trial progresses and potentially expands, it demonstrates how practical measures and innovative solutions can contribute to a greener, more sustainable urban environment. Fresh Start Waste Services continues to lead by example, showing that every step taken towards sustainability, no matter how small, contributes to the larger goal of combating climate change and protecting our planet for future generations.