Accountable Recruitment ‘Being Accountable’ Podcast

The podcast series ‘Being Accountable’, brought to you by Accountable Recruitment, invites industry leading speakers from the Liverpool region to share their knowledge and personal journeys to enrich the lives of our network.

One of their episodes with Emma Stoddart – CFO of ChargePoint and overall winner of the Finance Director of the Year Awards- discusses her journey of becoming an authentic leader through building trust, being open and showing empathy.

Emma also shares her very private story of how she manages with ME and how to overcome health challenges by being brave and changing your priorities to be true to yourself. She also outlines how to get your culture right, aligning your values and direction from the leadership team down. Making informed decisions by reaching out and being open to advice through good communication and surrounding yourself with great people is essential!

You can stream Emma’s podcast and explore their other podcast episodes with other industry leading speakers at Podcasts: Being Accountable: Accountable Recruitment