It's Ginmas!

Date posted:
Mon 02 December 2019

We have the perfect gift for your friends colleagues or clients...Gin!

There are 4 to choose from and each bottle is already wrapped with a gift tag including the description of the gin and space to write to and from on the back - A lovely ready made Christmas present. Simply contact to arrange collection.

£26 - 5th Gin - Water, 42% One of a range of four London dry gins based around the classical elements. Bright turquoise in colour, Water is made with an infusion of rose and violet petals alongside traditional botanicals, which give herbal aromas and spicy scent, pleasant on the palate with soft floral notes.

£29 - Zing 72 Botanical Gin, 40% Crafted in Provence in southern France, Zing 72’s name is inspired by the maceration of its botanicals, which lasts a whole 72 hours. Those botanicals include fresh Provencal herbs and spices to impart an aromatic flavour. Juniper dominates with a crisp, herbaceous undertone and a hint of sweeter spice.

£30 - CollaGin Rose Gin, 40% A pink twist on the original CollaGin (made with added collagen – hence the name), this limited-edition bottle was crafted using rose oil steam distilled from rose petals. Featuring 11 botanicals including pink grapefruit and orris as well a dose of collagen, the taste is of peppery juniper and tart citrus tempered with a delicate, floral sweetness.

£35 - Nikka Coffey Gin, 47% Nikka are originally a whisky company, and this gin is produced in Coffey stills using a base of barley and corn. Nikka Coffey Gin features a selection of enjoyably vibrant botanicals, including amanatsu, kabosu, shikuwasa and yuzu, as well as sansho pepper, among others. Creamy lemon notes with an almost tropical fruit sweetness, balanced with peppercorn, pine and fennel.