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Date posted:
Wed 02 January 2019

After the indulgence of Christmas and New Year parties, food and drink, many of us start the journey towards better health in January. Making resolutions to be more active or eat a more balanced diet is great, and certainly a leap in the right direction.

But how healthy is your starting point? Do you know what health risks you are facing in the future? Your lung, heart , liver or kidney function levels? Are you permanently tired and blaming it on burning the candle at both ends? Or could you be iron deficient, anaemic or have an under active thyroid; making your balanced diet/supplements useless, as your health issues make nutrients impossible to absorb?

Before you vow to make use of that gym membership and cut down on the after-work wines, get a clear picture of where your health is now...

At Pall Mall Medical health screens are always conducted by an experienced Doctor. Your private GP will consult you, and discuss yours/your family's medical history, lifestyle, physical examination, BMI, blood pressure, conduct detailed blood and urine analysis. A written report will be provided on your risk of:

  • Diabetes
  • Anaemia
  • Heart disease
  • Thyroid disease
  • Liver disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Cholesterol levels

Your report will be written up by the same private GP who examined you, and they will call you to discuss any questions/issues or provide advice on going forward.

We are offering 15% off screens bringing them down from £210 to £178.

We are offering 15% off screens bringing them down from £210 to £178.