Bring a friend to work for free at Avenue HQ!

Date posted:
Mon 09 September 2019

Avenue HQ are offering all members and non-members the opportunity to bring a friend with any day pass purchased!

So whether it’s your colleague, friend or classmate, they want you to use Avenue HQ to feel productive and get the most out of your working day.

Why is working with a friend motivational?

  • Increase productivity – it’s always helpful knowing that someone else is working when you are, so use your friend as a reason so spend that little extra time focused on what you should be doing, rather than procrastinating.
  • Take breaks together – take lunch, grab a coffee or just a general chat – it’s good to take breaks and socialise when working, you deserve a bit of R&R when you start to lose focus.
  • Share ideas – bounce ideas off your (desk) neighbour, you never know how a simple suggestion or a new perspective can make your work miles better.

*You can use this offer 5 times throughout September with a different friend per pass. The friend must not already be a member of Avenue HQ.

Get in touch for more information!