25% off Rootball Power Collection Leadership Programmes

Date posted:
Tue 10 December 2019

Have you recently revised your business strategy and want help to inspire greater collaboration and synergy within your leadership team? If the answer is yes, the Power Collective, two day programme, is what you have been looking for to achieve ultimate personal, team and business success.

After you and your leaders have immersed yourselves on this two-day course, you will better understand your personal identify as well as what makes each other tick. You will create shared value and identify how you will lead with common purpose, developing joined up ways of working to help you all work towards your personal and business goals.

For a limited period only, ROOTBALL is offering the exclusive proprietary Power Collective Programme at a 25% discount off the total contract value, subject to availability until the end of February 2020.

The programme will be tailored to your unique business needs to ensure you and your leadership team get maximum benefit from your experience, so you truly thrive.

A 25% discount off the total contract value is also available on the Power Picks range of half day courses, until the end of February 2020, subject to availability.