Enhanced support for women in business rolled out across LCR

Date posted:
Mon 20 February 2023

With the International Monetary Fund predicting that Britain’s economy is set to contract by 0.6% this year, supporting women in business through training and coaching has never been more timely or crucial.

According to the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority’s 2022/23 Local Skills Report, digital skills are in ‘huge demand’ across the region and there is a ‘need and opportunity to improve digital skills at all levels in organisations’.

Now, the UK’s leading developer of business support for women, The Women’s Organisation, is enhancing its training provision for

female businesspeople and rolling out new courses to bridge the digital skills gap.

The social enterprise, which was founded by Professor Maggie O’Carroll in 1996, has supported over 60,000 women and helped to create over 4,000 businesses to date through its range of funded training opportunities.

“Supporting women in business at all levels, from early-career professionals to entrepreneurs, is important from both a social and economic perspective”, said Professor O’Carroll.

“By offering accessible and personalised guidance on the topics that matter, from building confidence to producing digital content strategies, we’re helping women to develop the right skills to get them where they want to be.

"Crucially, we want our programmes of support to reach as many women as possible across our region, particularly those in areas such as Halton and St Helens, where we see less uptake of our services.”

From the Enterprise Hub programme to the Better Off Fund, The Women’s Organisation has a diverse provision in place to develop the skills of women in business and help them to advance in their chosen careers.

With new courses now launched, including Developing a Website for Your Business and A Beginner’s Guide to SEO, support focused on digital skills is being scaled up to reflect the increasing need for these knowledge bases in the workplace.

"Given the challenges of the economic backdrop and the social impact this will be having across the region, enhancing our provision and supporting women to thrive in their careers is vital to delivering lasting change”, added Professor O’Carroll.

Find out more about The Women’s Organisation and its mission to support women to achieve their full potential here: www.thewomensorganisation.org....

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