Bridging Finance Solutions record best ever monthly performance in 16 year history

Date posted:
Tue 14 June 2022

Short term finance property lender, Bridging Finance Solutions, has recorded its strongest monthly financial performance ever in May this year, doubling projected targets.

The Wirral based lender, now in its 16th year of business, has grown steadily year on year, and is on target to significantly surpass financial expectations, as it makes increasing headway into the development finance markets whilst still providing bridging loans to a broad cross section of clients.

Steve Barber of BFS commented: “Our growth has been steady and organic and has remained on track throughout various periods of economic uncertainty. This year, however, we are seeing a real upward trajectory as we concentrate on our core markets of northern customers in the sub million pound loan sector, with more and more developers utilising us for their funding. The advantages of using specialist funders to fund development schemes is becoming increasingly recognised by both clients and professional advisors.

“We welcome all customers, regardless of size and scale, and are able to finance deals as low as £50,000, moving into the multiple million deal size. We are seeing more and more development finance deals in place as the split between development finance and bridging finance moves further towards an equal split.

“We continue to invest in the business to ensure we can sustain this level of growth, attracting the sectors strongest talent and having the right technology and infrastructure in place. Our people will always be our strongest asset and as we grow we will retain this personal one to one service that undoubtedly sets us apart.

“May 2022 was an exceptional month for us but I believe there’s more good news to come as the year gathers momentum.”