Date posted:
Tue 11 January 2022

The campaign, formed by the Hillsborough families and survivors of the tragedy, calls for a change to the legal system to prevent others going through what the close relatives of the 97 have - and continue to - experience in their quest for justice.

Supported by Mayor Steve Rotheram of the Liverpool City Region and Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester, the new law proposes to compel all public officials to be truthful at inquiries into public tragedies or disaster situations, while also offering bereaved families better access to financial resources for legal representation at inquests.

Everton will always stand in solidarity with the families who lost their loved ones at, or as a result of, the tragic events of football’s darkest day on 15 April 1989 and supports the continued call for justice. The dignity with which those families have carried themselves represents everything anyone needs to know about them and the people of the city of Liverpool.

For that reason, Everton Football Club calls for a #HillsboroughLawNow