Motor Neurone Disease Research Funding - Parliamentary Petition

Date posted:
Wed 31 March 2021

Increase funding for urgent research into devastating motor neurone disease.

In honour of those we lose to this disease every day, we want to share this petition.

The MND community are fighting for an increase in government funding for research. There are some of the top scientists in the world working on finding a treatment but there is a huge gap in funds.
A new investment of £50m over 5 years could kickstart a pioneering MND Research Institute.

This would lead to better, faster and more definitive research outcomes and hope for those with MND.

The lifetime risk of contracting motor neurone disease (MND) is 1 in 300.

This means over 200,000 of today’s UK population will be affected by this devastating condition which kills a third of people within a year and over half within two. There are no effective treatments and no cure.

However, world leading scientists in the UK are closer than ever to finding treatments for MND. Now they need the right financial support.

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