Mental Health Awareness Week with Lyfe

Date posted:
Mon 18 May 2020

Welcome to the start of mental health week! Here at LYFE we have a team of doctors and doctors-in-training to bring you new content every single day so keep your eyes peeled and your brains fresh to absorb the latest information about psychological health.

The purpose of this week is to not only acknowledge that mental health problems exist but to encourage you to think about your own mental health in a different way and to provide you with tools that you can use to optimize your own mental health and well-being.

LYFE focus on the application of practical knowledge, where the rubbers meets the road, so that you can apply is to your life. They’ve structured the week around 7 key themes which interface with some core mental health concepts, of which, are likely to be of particular relevance during Covid.

The 7 key themes are:

1. Reconceptualising Mental Health.

2. Taking Perspective.

3. Thinking about Thoughts.

4. Understanding Emotions.

5. Engaging with Life.

6. Building Relationships.

7. Resting and Relaxing.

LYFE will be posting daily blogs on both our website and their website at

LYFE’s team of doctors: Tobi, Ed and Natalia will also be hosting 2 webinars on Wednesday and Friday at 18:00, and 2 Instagram lives on Saturday and Sunday at 11:00 so be sure to book or tune in!