Family Wellness Action Plan

Date posted:
Mon 18 May 2020

This document contains some set questions for you to get curious and chat with other members of your household. You will explore facets of working style, coping style and how you can all stay at your best. Also, how you can support your child by being you!

There are also:

Hints and tips on how you can look after your wellbeing.

Free educational resources and guidance to support you in your new role as teacher.

Wellbeing activities for the family.

Mindfulness techniques for children.

Stress management tips for children.

Information on crisis resources.

Useful NHS smartphone apps.

And finally...

Some friendly reminders for all family members if they are not having a great day mentally.

As a culture we are becoming much more accepting of mental illness, however, stigma still is all around us. We are all happy to say 'It's ok not to be ok' but, rarely apply this to ourselves.

Nobody is immune to mental struggle There is no health without mental health.

Read more and download the plan here!

You will find other useful resources here.