Gunnercooke Member of the Month Testimonial

Date posted:
Tue 14 January 2020

It’s a challenge to write a testimonial for Paul as words don’t really cut it when trying to convey the difference his support has made to me in my role.

As Business Process and HR Manager for a nationwide company with a very diverse workforce I can sometimes be placed in quite difficult and stressful situations.

Upon our first introduction Paul really took the time to learn about our company, our culture, values, dynamic and what drives us.

Paul has never failed to provide expert and practical advice in layman’s terms, removing the emotion and focusing on resolutions that cause the least business interruption and damage both in terms of reputation and costs.

On each occasion that I have reached out to Paul for guidance he has responded swiftly, is always accessible, he listens and shows great empathy and understanding and then will focus on a strategy to tackle the problem head on, remove the stress and pressure and will communicate in crystal clear terms which in turn achieve amicable negotiations, in a timely manner and with no margin for any future recourse.

That being said, Paul is so much more than just advice and guidance to me in my role at Auger. As each unique matter has presented itself, Paul has mentored me each step of the way, transferring and applying his wealth of knowledge in employment law in simple and practical terms, instilling me with the confidence to deal with so much more than I would have imagined doing so previously, thus making me a much better HR Manager operating at a much higher level that no manner of training course could ever have equipped me to.

Paul, you are a HR Manager’s Knight in Shining Armour!

Sharon Kaye, Business Process / HR Manager, Auger