Liverpool City Council - Procurement Contract - Isla Gladstone Operator

Date posted:
Mon 22 July 2019

Liverpool City Council

Commercial Procurement Unit

Contract Number: DN421902

Contract Name:_ Isla Gladstone Operator

This is a Soft Market test to inform the subsequent procurement approach for an operator for The Isla Gladstone conservatory and surrounds. The anticipated scope of the successful operator will be:

• Continued operation of this successful café and hospitality supporting the operational costs of maintaining Stanley Park

• Balancing the need to support local community access to the facility with a commercially viable hospitality and event business.

• Providing local employment opportunities.

Areas for further consideration:

• Responsibility for the ad hoc repair, maintenance and utility costs of managing the Isla Gladstone conservatory.

• Management of events and concessions within the footprint of Stanley Park with conditions around the need to protect its heritage and maintain public access.

• Opportunity to include operation and management of additional building, the Anfield Lodge.

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Closing date for submissions _29th July 2019 at Noon.