Member of the Month: Shove Media

Date posted:
Wed 12 June 2019

Congratulations to June's Member of the Month! Read more about their journey here:

Since 2006 we have worked with Architects, Planners, Developers, Interior Designers and Engineers to accurately and successfully present their ideas to the people that matter. This often starts with a chat over the phone, a couple of sketches, or a set of drawings (if we're lucky).

The expectation of realism and accuracy has been a constant from our clients since day one, we push ourselves technically and artistically to deliver the quality they demand.

We create photoreal visuals, whether they are fully computer generated or a photo montage of shots from either eye level or Drone photography. Also Animations, a traditional fly through of a new apartment to VR or promotional marketing videos of completed developments to fully blown planning application verified images, technically and geographically accurate images of sky scrapers we have the skills in our team to assist yours from conception to final sales after completion.

Our artwork gives you the best media to sell your product, which over the years has been everything from Ocean liners and Sky Scrapers to Luxury Homes.

If you would like to know more about how we can work with you please contact either our Liverpool or Edinburgh studio.

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