Wundamail Weekly - How To Build A Positive Culture In A Remote Team

Date posted:
Wed 15 May 2019

Culture is one of the most important things that new recruits look for in a potential business. This is something that is hard enough to quantify when everyone is in the same office, but if you’re trying to instill a culture when you have a remote team, that’s a whole other ballgame. Rebecca from Wundamail is here to help you garner the atmosphere of a positive and cooperative office environment, even when your team is spread across the country.

When there’s a positive culture within your organisation, everyone wins. It can be as simple as saying “well done” or as elaborate as team away days and weekly prosecco runs (I know we’d all prefer the latter). When your team feels like they’re in a supportive environment that allows them to experiment and try new things, that can be where your business can gain some of their best ideas and projects.

So, how do you make this work when no one is in the same room? Well, the main thing that anyone should consider when trying to create a sense of culture for your business is that is has to revolve around your people, not your space. Bean bags and a ping pong table are all well and good, but if everyone is crying in the bean bags from stress and angrily smacking ping pong balls at the management team, then it’s not really worth it.

Be Inclusive

A vital part of creating a positive workplace culture where remote workers are concerned, is making sure that they feel included. Working remotely, whilst great for freedom of location and flexibility, can be quite isolating. If you’re wanting to do an event for staff, make sure that they can all feasibly get there and back again.

If the last train home is half an hour after the start of the event and there’s no cheap hotels or places to crash nearby, then clearly your remote team members won’t be able to come. This might lead to divisions within your local and further afield team members that could otherwise be avoided by switching up where the work-related social events are being held.

Wundamail allows you to switch up the daily question to suit the needs of your team. So, if you need to poll people on where or what they’d like to do as the next social, you can do this and get a comprehensive, complete list of replies. No chasing Andy from IT for his preference this time.

Think Outside The Box

Right so this is a classic business cliche, but here it really pays off. With a remote team, a booze trolley and some office bingo just won’t cut it, and logistically, face-to-face meet ups just might not be an option. The basics of a productive and positive workplace culture are simple: mutual respect, general friendliness and an interest in your team other than just work-related queries, but to go above and beyond and have a truly great culture, this might take some more thought.

Rather than jumping straight on Google and searching through endless results for solutions, simply ask the question directly to your team. Here at Wundamail, we’re strong believers that great things happen when we talk, so strike up a meaningful conversation with your team and get some meaningful solutions. Employees will be more invested in a culture that they have helped to shape, rather than writing a list of values and expecting them to embody them from afar.

Keep It Simple

Trying to reach for the stars is great, but there’s no point having an annual all-expenses paid retreat to the lakes if there’s no company culture to be found for the rest of the year. Instill the basics (which, to be fair, are the basics of being a half-decent human being) and the rest will follow. Businesses often get hung up on the flash stuff and forget that company culture is about the people, not the hammocks in the lobby that got all those Instagram hits (although we love those too).

This goes double for remote workers who may not always feel the team vibe when they’re working from home. Think about your people first and always bring it back round to them; does it benefit them, will they appreciate it, is it the right move for them, and you can’t go too far wrong. Wundamail is the simple, modern way of leading businesses of any size and shape. With changeable questions, no apps or passwords necessary, it’s the ideal tool for measuring the vibe and culture within your business including your remote workers. It’s simply how you manage teams in 2019.