Wi-Fi Adverts on Arriva buses

Date posted:
Wed 17 April 2019

We now have the ability for businesses to purchase space on board our wi-fi to promote their businesses, please find attached a case study (with some reach figures) along with information below;

- Overview of what the product is

Bustle is an onboard, free entertainment system which is streamed straight to the passengers personal device. It runs through Arriva's on-board Wifi and is completely free to use. As the content is carried on the bus it’s not affected by areas of poor reception and all passengers have to go through the portal in order to connect to the internet via WiFi.

The portal hosts a whole range of great content including audiobooks, podcasts, e-Book, magazines and games! These are refreshed on a monthly basis. In terms of the user flow:

Simply hop on-board, connect to the Wifi, or type bustlewifi.com into your browser if you’re already connected. Arriva is the first bus operator in the UK to offer a media entertainment service to its passengers. The pilot has 900 buses and generates 1,000,000 unique impressions on a monthly basis.

· Typical campaign and Indicative costings for a typical campaign The typical campaign period is 4-6 weeks long with an access fee of £2,500 per campaign.

Campaign Inclusions:

- 2 x Hero Carousel

- 1 x Leaderboard

- 1 x Footer

Bi-weekly reporting and a dedicated account manager.

Creatives can be changed within 48 hours.

We can also look at Social Media campaigns on their behalf.

· Measurements of a typical campaign and how we show ROI

This is predominantly a brand awareness piece which allows advertisers to engage with their target audience - the passenger.

- Captive Audience

- High Dwell Time (typical journey is 25 minutes)

- Unique and extensive digital reach across North West Region

- 1,000,000 unique impressions per month

- 95% of the users engaging with the portal via mobile

If you would like to find out more, please contact Mike Kent here.