From Fight or Flight to Taking a Stand - Local Club Tackles Fear of Public Speaking

Date posted:
Fri 12 April 2019

Profuse sweating, rambunctious butterflies and nervous “ums” are just some of the reasons many people will go out of their way to avoid speaking in public.

For members of the new Liverpool City Toastmasters Club, these flight-or-flight responses are being tamed, through twice-monthly events hosted at Cotton Exchange building. The meetings provide helpful tips and tricks to handle different presentation scenarios, and an opportunity for members to practice their skills in a friendly and non-judgmental environment.

Club President Angela Scott said, “In the first 6 months, two members took on new jobs in their careers. In both cases, they said that their experience at Toastmasters helped them through the interview process. Our meetings are fun, but the best part for me is seeing our members meet their goals. It’s been really exciting to watch this club grow; I’m overwhelmed by the support we’ve had from the community. We’re especially grateful to the Bruntwood management team for sponsoring us in their venue.”

Toastmasters provides methods for enhancing both communication and leadership skills, primarily through the vehicle of public speaking. The ethos of the club is simple: run by the members, for the members. Members follow the Pathways® education system, developed and supported by the renowned Toastmasters® International organization. Liverpool City Toastmasters club achieved charter status this January, granting members international recognition for their achievements, and opportunities to develop leadership skills.

“For me, the best part of the meeting is the evaluations at the end. We spend a lot of time coaching people on how to give good feedback, so by the time you are the speaker receiving that feedback, you can tell that it’s honest, specific and focused on what your goals are as a communicator. The best part of Toastmasters overall, is that it’s a recognized worldwide organization. Anywhere I travel in the world, I know I can find a friendly group of people who will welcome me to their meeting. Each time I visit a different club, I notice different styles and preferences. This has made me a more flexible speaker overall and given me a way to interact with other cultures, aside from tourism,” said Scott.

The club is free for guests to attend and find out more. Liverpool City Toastmasters meets every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month in the Old Hall in the Cotton Exchange Building at 7pm. Each meeting lasts approximately 2 hours. Membership costs are approximately £100 per year; the club is not-for-profit. For more information, visit ,, or find them on Facebook @LiverpoolCityToastmasters and Instagram @ToastmastersLiverpool.