Professional Liverpool: Year in Review

Date posted:
Wed 13 March 2019

Professional Liverpool is proud to announce our biggest year to date!

With closing in on nearly 110 events in 2019 and counting, more than 460 members, booming social media platforms (5,166 on Twitter, 964 on Instagram and 1,352 LinkedIn followers): we are thriving and it’s thanks to our members!

Our community is built on the idea that your network creates your net worth, and this net worth builds your business. We strive to educate through all our mutual knowledge of business through sharing and learning.

You and your companies have achieved this and more this year, and, from working as a collective, Professional Liverpool would like to say thank you. We hope to see this team grow even more over the next year!

Our benefits:

With Professional Liverpool, members have access to this enormous collective, over four-hundred companies networking together. We provide our companies with business and professional development resources, boost your online presence through promotion and offer opportunities to collaborate on events through representation and research.

Other benefits of becoming a Professional Liverpool member:

    • Exclusive PL member offers, and the ability to share offers for promotion
    • Opportunities for event sponsorship and Professional Liverpool sponsorship
    • Dedication to young professional sector, including networking opportunities and more

Our strategy:

Professional Liverpool aims to support the Liverpool City Region and its business environment and economic strategy through supporting and promoting market-leading professional services, encouraging involvement, knowledge and collaboration in skills and training, and facilitating working relationships within and outside the PBS sector.

Our growth:

Due to your continued support of this community, Professional Liverpool is growing internally! With two new staff members on the team, and pending applications off the charts, we are also increasing our subscription fees by ten percent this year – starting April 1st, 2019. To learn more click here.

We’re looking forward to meeting our new members and sharing our growth with our current client companies! If you would like to arrange a meeting with a PL member, click here.

If you’re interested in becoming a member with us, click here.

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