Foursquare Group launches The Bread and Butter.Co

Date posted:
Wed 27 November 2019

In their own words Professional Liverpool member Foursquare Group are "in the corner of independent business" that means they go out of their way to support independent business as much as they can.

For them, the biggest impact they can make day to day is to use their health and safety expertise to make compliance as simple and cost-effective as possible. But they want to have a bigger impact than that.

So, this month they launched a not-for-profit initiative - The Bread and Butter.Co

Liam Jones (Founder/Director of Foursquare Group) said: "The bread and is a collective for the ‘experience industries’ of hospitality, retail, leisure and tourism.

We’ll be focussing our efforts on supporting independent hotels, restaurants, pubs, bars, artisan food and drink and boutique and speciality shopping. Independent business is crucial to our local economy, not only providing a large contribution financially but also playing a huge part in how we and others see the city region. These experience industries create our identity and the experience Liverpool offers to its residents, visitors and outside investors”.

The launch event took place two weeks ago on 12th November at The Bridewell and was a huge success. There were 40 attendees in total, most of whom were decision makers in independent business including guest speakers from Lunya, Present Company and Mattas.

The theme for the evening was 'independent challenges' and the topic of conversation circulated around the challenges that independents face. The group collected vital information on the evening which will help them shape their programme of delivery for 2020 and beyond.

They will also be looking for organisations who want to make an impact on the local economy and take their social responsibility seriously to sponsor these programmes.

For more information contact Liam Jones on or 0151 662 0062.