The Business Alchemist

Date posted:
Thu 10 January 2019

Wellth Management™

“Management … can be lonely: maybe I don’t look after myself enough”

- Nigel Pearson

Anyone who runs a company, and is both honest and humble, will tell you that it’s indeed a lonely place at the top of the greasy pole. They’ll probably only admit this to you, somewhat reluctantly, if you actually ask them directly and in private – our egos tend to stop us over freely owning our vulnerabilities to others.

The buck always stops with you – that’s what you’re paid for, right ? And though, since most of us are self employed and therefore unemployable, us entrepreneurs would not have it any other way, continually being the cat who walks by themselves can be an isolating and draining experience.

In my 18 years of owning and running an SME with 80 staff around the UK, only twice did someone say to me:

“Thank you, Robin, well done – you did a good job today.”

It was the same employee on each occasion who gratefully patted me on the back: it probably wasn’t a coincidence that both times I had taken the responsibility to face the flack from an important client when the manager in question had dropped a howler of a cock up that should have had him sacked and us losing the customer but I’d somehow managed to rescue the situation, kept their business and kept him in his job.

There are a plethora of business consultants, company advisers and life coaches out there in the market place who are keen to sell you their unique blend of expertise. What makes The Business Alchemist different is that we really get what it’s like at the Top: we truly know what it costs you as a person in terms of your own health and welfare to be the Mistress at the helm charged with the responsibility of guiding your ship and crew through the turbulent Sea of Trade to a safe harbour.

Not only are we a team of seasoned industry veterans who have successfully run our own businesses for many years in a fast moving global environment, we’ve all been there, done that and earned the scars on our backs and front to prove it. Crucially we’ve learned not just the standard Management Consultancy corporate skills of marketing, funding, strategy, leadership, fiscal analysis, due diligence, TQM, contracting, HR and all the other usual suspects but we’ve got another ace in the hole: Wellth Management™ ,

We Treat You and Your Business Well. We catalyse you so that you get yourself and your firm to wherever you want to be. We hear you and help you to help yourself to heal the issues holding you and your company back. We revitalize your Life/Work balance and dynamize your essence.

And how do we do it ? We do it in partnership with you through our Alchemy which the Oxford Dictionary defines as:

“A seemingly magical power of transformation, creation or combination.”

Interested in mysteriously transmuting yourself and your business ? Sceptical ? Let us quote you a client testimonial from Tina Symes, a local businesswoman:

“Within a couple of months the team were all humming. The figures took off, doubling consistently over the next three months: we had our best year in 20 years. Even September, a normal slump time for us, was excellent and we’re now growing our stock levels, too, for new lettings.”

And how much do we cost you ? Let Tina do the talking again:

“Robin’s fees were very reasonable, representing a mere 4% of our additional nett profit during that period. And the added value is also continuing to flow through the business: the shift in our energy has left us working with higher self esteem so we’re attracting better clients and a higher quality of business. No-one’s been off with sickness this year and the customers are telling us it’s so nice coming in to the office since we’re always so cheerful. Would I recommend it to other businesses ? God, aye.”

Robin Grenfell Cowan runs The Business Alchemist and can be contacted on 0151-306-4587 or on