Keri's Summer Internship Blog

Date posted:
Tue 12 June 2018

As I’m coming to the end of my first week, I’m reflecting on the experience of my internship so far. Unfortunately for Professional Liverpool they ordered a social media savvy student, and they got a borderline technophobic fossil. It has taken me a bit longer than your average intern to get to grips with the basics, but now I’m on my way I’m hoping to be more use than ornament next week!

It can be quite daunting going into a well-established, close knit group but they could not have been more helpful and understanding of my position. I’m hoping to move closer to finding my own niche within the team as the placement progresses.

The social aspect of working in the office has been fantastic. There is a great dynamic between the ladies in the office. They all have complimentary skill sets, and it’s an exciting working environment to be a part of. Networking is what PL do, and they do it hard.

My next task will be to set up our new Instagram account, so watch this space for a little sneak peek at what we’ve been getting up to this week.

My second day in the office included a lunch outing to The Alchemist… more to come on that later. Essentially; I’m being paid to eat great food. This internship is literally at the pinnacle of my career. It can only get more disappointing from here.