Member: Professional & Business Services Board - LCR Growth Platform

The Professional & Business Services Board drives the sector strategy and relies on private sector participation to ensure we are addressing industry needs, future proofing skills requirements and creating a long-term plan for the business community. Current Chair is Steve Stuart who practised corporate finance in Liverpool and beyond for the past 30 years.

A new business review ‘Professional & Business Services in Liverpool City Region Baseline Report & Strategic Priorities’ has highlighted growth across Liverpool City Region’s Professional and Business Services (PBS) Sector.

With 6.2 million people within a one-hour drive, a large commuter population of 475,900 people in higher skilled occupations and 20,000 students studying related courses; Liverpool City Region’s Professional & Business Services sector has both market proximity and a strong talent pool. This is reflected in the 41% growth in PBS businesses between 2010-17, compared to 23.5% across all sectors (ONS 2017).

It supports an estimated 107,000 jobs in 12,000 companies and generates more than £8billion per annum in gross value added (GVA) – making it the largest sector in terms of GVA.

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