Member: Merseyside Young Professionals

MYP was formed many years ago by representatives of the various junior professional bodies in the city (chartered accountants, Law Society, bankers, insurers etc) including the then Liverpool Junior Chamber of Commerce.

Its original aim was to organise an annual charity ball to raise money for a deserving local charity. In 1999 a group of such “Young Professionals” decided to form an independent organisation to promote stronger links between young people in different professions and in particular to facilitate networking. As the name MYP was already well known in the city this name was used to promote monthly events to compliment the already successful annual ball and Merseyside Young Professionals as you know it today was born.

We often get asked who MYP is aimed at and whether there is an age limit! Traditionally MYP is designed to suit people starting out in their careers taking their first networking steps in their 20s and 30s. However, MYP is a state of mind and if you feel you would be comfortable at our events then we would be delighted to welcome you. We would encourage you to view details and photos of our previous events but, if in doubt, just come along and join in!

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Primary Phil Adams 0151 236 3399