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London Stock Exchange Group is Europe's leading diversified exchange business, incorporating Borsa Italiana and the London Stock Exchange. With over 500 member firms trading and more than 3,000 companies quoted across its markets, the Group operates the largest and most liquid equity marketplace in Europe.

The London Stock Exchange itself is the world's most international exchange with more than 600 overseas companies from over 70 countries. These figures include international companies quoted on the AIM, the London Stock Exchange's growth market, and the world's most successful market for small and medium sized enterprises with over 1,200 companies.

What we do Primary markets The London Stock Exchange’s primary markets put UK and international companies in touch with one of the world's deepest pools of global capital. Our markets are home to thousands of companies from all over the world, ranging from start-ups to some of the world's largest corporations.

Your company's size, objectives and funding needs will are all factors that help you to decide which market is right for you.

Main Market

The Main Market is our flagship market for larger, more established companies, and is home to some of the world's largest and best known companies.  Underpinned by London’s balanced and globally-respected standards of regulation and corporate governance, the Main Market represents a badge of quality for every company listed and traded on it and an aspiration for many companies worldwide.

The Main Market also incorporates two specialist market segments, techMARK and techMARK mediscience, designed to highlight the potential of dynamic technology and healthcare companies respectively.


AIM, our market for smaller, growing companies, is the world's most successful growth market. A wide range of businesses ranging from young, venture capital-backed start-ups to well-established, mature organisations have chosen AIM as the best place to grow their businesses.

Professional Securities Market

The Professional Securities Market is our exchange-regulated market for listed depositary receipts and debt targeted at professional investors. It allows issuers to benefit from a flexible and pragmatic approach to regulatory requirements.

Specialist Fund Market

Our dedicated market for issuers of specialist funds, the Specialist Fund Market offers specialist investment managers a flexible and adaptable route to access permanent capital from a highly sophisticated global investor base.

The Specialist Fund Market appeals to variety of different types of investment managers, including those managing large hedge funds, private equity funds, and certain emerging market and specialist property funds.

Trading services

The Group offers trading on a wide range of instruments, including UK and Italian equities, derivatives, Exchange Traded Funds and Exchange Traded Commodities and fixed income products through the MTS platform. Through Borsa Italian’s MOT market we offer a comprehensive range of European corporate and government bond trading services.  Italian Derivatives Exchange Market (IDEM) sees over €2.5 billion worth of trading every day in Italian equity and index derivatives and through EDX London we provide a facility for the trading of Russian and Norwegian equity and index derivatives.

Information services

Being at the heart of the financial markets we are able to capture indispensable trade data and tailor it for professionals in financial services and corporate markets.  Every second of the trading day we generate information ranging from data on individual trades and share price movements to company announcements.  Our information is trusted and is reputed for its robustness and accuracy, and is often used as the benchmark to drive investment decisions.

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