Member: Institute of Financial Services, Liverpool Centre

The ifs School of Finance is a registered charity incorporated by Royal Charter.

It provides financial education to financial services professionals the world over, and to consumers in the UK. Its provisions include formal qualifications from GCSE level through to undergraduate degree level, with a full range of courses available details of which can be found by visiting the website.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) demonstrates continued learning, which enables individuals to take control of their careers, provides valuable evidence of staying competent and encourages the development of new skills. It is about seeking to increase individuals’ knowledge and professionalism and always being ready to learn new ways of becoming more efficient and more effective. Executive Education Programmes are also delivered in the form of masterclasses, seminars and prestige lectures.

It is not just the quality of diplomas, degree courses, accreditation and Continuing Professional Development that attracts individuals to the ifs School of Finance. Membership also brings a wealth of advantages; with enhanced professional recognition from employers, peers and customers; designatory letters (where applicable) that demonstrate achievement and knowledge, and international status through a world-wide membership body to mention but a few.

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