Member: dot-art

dot-art has been bringing business and art together in the North West for over 10 years. We offer easy access to locally sourced, affordable art to enhance offices and workplaces. We have won awards for what we do and our approach is unique.

Our professional, comprehensive and flexible services mean you can buy, rent or commission art, creating a fantastic first impression, attracting and retaining staff and contributing to CSR objectives. We work on public, community and section 106 projects and can also offer artist-led creative sessions for staff.

Studies have repeatedly shown the benefits of art in the workplace to create a happier and more productive workforce. In a 2013 report, 93.8% of respondents said art makes the workplace feel more welcoming; it also reinforces corporate identity and distinctiveness. We support and create employment for working artists and so by engaging with us, our clients also demonstrate their commitment to our local creative community.

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Primary Lucy Byrne 0345 017 6660