Member: Steve Cornforth Consultancy

Steve Cornforth has been a Solicitor in Liverpool for over 30 years. He was Senior Partner in EAD Solicitors for 6 years before stepping down from that role in April 2017 to set up this Consultancy business. He has years of experience managing law firms and was President of Liverpool Law Society in 2012.

The Legal Profession is facing some of the most dramatic changes that it has encountered in decades.

Steve Cornforth Consultancy is dedicated to helping lawyers and law firms to help themselves and others others.

This is by focussing on sound business planning, risk management and training. Lawyers want to achieve the best results for their clients. This is why most of us went into the law in the first place. Through the consultancy, my aim is to take on the burden of management, enabling the lawyers to do what they do best - run cases and earn profits.

Steve offers help and support in Practice and Risk Management, Strategic Advice, Marketing/Business Development, Compliance and Training.

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