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The co-founders of DigitalXRAID (DXR), Rick Jones & Scott Goodwin, bring combined experience of 40 years within the IT Security space. Their expert knowledge and proven capability was forged through supplying and consulting on large bespoke security solutions for many FTSE 100 companies.

Both were successful independent senior security consultants. Focused on providing consultancy services, incorporating technical controls and designs to meet the complex security demands required by their customers. Specialising in a risk based approach to security, combined with a deep technical knowledge, backed by many industry certifications has given Rick & Scott a well-rounded and fully developed understanding and approach to Cyber security.

During their careers they have witnessed the steady shift in the maturity of Cyber security. No longer is security just technology driven. The two camps of Design/Build & Test/Assure have been accompanied with compliance, Policy, Risk, Process and Culture, and is driven top down from senior management.

Serious About Security

Cyber Security is no longer just a technical discussion and is commonly a major agenda point found in boardrooms. Cyber Security today has become a living organism embedded into every part of the business and is intrinsic to the stability and success of an organisation.

DXR was created with Rick and Scott’s vision to cater for this need by offering specialist consultancy service and solutions, aimed at guiding companies through this complex maze of regulation, compliance and assurance.

Rick and Scott ensure everything DXR does is delivered with its core values in mind, Integrity, Innovation, Simplification, and Protection IISP”.

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