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Rosa’s Thai Cafe is the home of modern Thai food, serving good & honest helpings of your favourite Thai dishes.

Our first restaurant opened in 2008 on the site of a typical English caff called Rosa’s. Out of respect for the previous owner (and as we had no money for new signs) we chose to keep the name. Over the years, our Thai co-founder Chef Saiphin has also become known as ‘Rosa’ – and so the name keeps being associated with good, honest food.

Saiphin grew up on a mountain farm in Khao Kho, northern Thailand, where she learned to cook with ingredients that were brought straight from field to wok. As ‘Rosa’, Chef Saiphin challenges herself to cook authentic Thai dishes inspired by locally found produce and key ingredients sourced from Thailand. Every dish on the menu carries fond personal memories and many are based on old family recipes.

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