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Fabulous food is in our DNA at Heritage Portfolio – it’s why we are so blooming proud to be one of the country’s leading event and  catering companies and our obsession with doing things a bit differently, our love of cooking up a storm using new techniques and our all-round ‘mad about food’ mentality are, we think, what makes us shine.

As a team we delight in the delicious and the dazzling, creating outstandingly good food (so our clients tell us) from the exquisite perfection of a single Asian-influenced canapé to a complex contemporary main and a damn good British pud.

We don’t take short cuts, we only scratch cook our dishes. The words ‘pre-prepared’ foods strike fear into our hearts. Our fish, meat and veg suppliers become our friends – they need to be, because we put them through their paces to get the very best ingredients, sometimes from the most obscure places, if that’s what it takes.

Our drinks experts and cocktail supremos select wines from around the world and create new quaffable concoctions using years of experience and a quite extraordinary depth of knowledge. They are that unusual hybrid – deeply cool in that they can make mean cocktails and/or identify an obscure Rioja at a hundred paces, but also with a hint of nerd in their infinitesimal ability to talk about molecules and things tasting like caramel with a hint of fennel and gym shoe.

We are passionately driven, food obsessed and our serving staff are utterly charming. Delivering a shared vision for an event is what it’s all about. That and the fabulous food, of course. All of which means you get to relax and just bask in reflected glory.

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